Royals Nightly
Sunday, April 04, 2004
Opening Remarks
Hello world!
I present, with some fear, some embarassment, and some chagrin, Royals Nightly. For the "feel" of the site I'm imagining sorta a 80s, pre-espn era version of the local show on Fox Sports Net, if that makes any sense. Growing up in Texas we had something that was called H-S-E, Home Sports Entertainment, which provided Rangers and Astros games, as well as Southwest Conference football and hoops. (Nothing like a Baylor- Rice donnybrook in Houston on a Saturday morning.) It was cheesy, homerish, had no production values, and was single-minded in its approach, showcasing local teams.

Anyway, this site is about the Kansas City Royals. I've held off creating this blog until the Sunday night before Opening Day. The idea is running commentary about the ROyals, the AL Central and MLB in general. Regrettably (because there are so many these days) I'm a sabermetrically inclined fan. Make of that what you will. In the last few years the extent to which stathead approaches to the game have become more mainstream is pretty amazing. There aren't enough ROyals blogs out there, and in my own small way I hope to join the community of progressive analysis.


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