Royals Nightly
Friday, April 23, 2004
Lohse versus Appier
You can throw out the records, predictions and stats when the Royals and Twins get together, because this is a rivalry game and these teams don't like each other very much... Or not...

Actually, I don't think anyone in the Central likes the Twins, but I am also not sure that the Royals dislike them the most. I know that the White Sox- or at least their fans- have really come to hate the Twins, and I remember from last season the Twins and INdians playing a couple series that got pretty damn chippy by game 2 or 3. Of course, last year the Royals and their fans got to read seemingly endless "the Royals aren't for real" pieces coming out of Minnesota, which were greatly annoying. Especially when they became true. Honestly, if the White Sox had played the Tigers a little better, it might have been the Royals that would have gone down in history as stopping the Twins run, as the boys in blue managed an 11-8 record against Minnesota last season.

My gut feeling is that both Lohse and Ape will manage to achieve respectability tonight, keeping the game under double digits. Lohse usually manages a one-good-start-every-three-outings pattern, and I feel that Appier will use guile, guts and his incredibly negative on-mound presence to hold the Twins to 5ish runs. We shall see. Needless to say, gigantic series for the Royals, anything less than 2 of 3 would really smart.

Remember, a bad first half could mean no Beltran!!!


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