Royals Nightly
Friday, April 16, 2004
Game 9- White Sox 6, Royals 5
The Royals lost another heartbreaker yesterday in Chicago, altougth at this point only allowing 6 runs is a positive data point in the game log. Plus, the Sox did take 10 innings to score those 6 runs, so, for what its worth, it was really like giving up 5.4 runs during a 9 inning game. A string of good at bats from the heart of the order was essentially wasted, as well as a few meltdowns from the Sox bullpen as well.

The starting rotation looks completely awful, and the near refusal to record strikeouts puts entirely too much pressure on the defense to manufacture outs against the barrage of balls in play. On the good side, the bullpen recovered a bit yesterday, and even DJ's homer allowed to Magglio in the 10th was on what looked to be a decent enough 0-2 throwaway pitch. Sullivan is on pace to be the team MVP of April, although that might change this afternoon if Gobble can step up and stop a losing streak for the second time this year. Finally, 4-5 against the Central is less than optimal, but maybe the Royals are planning on playing .460 ball against the rest of the American league this season, and the joke will be on me.


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