Royals Nightly
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Game 7- WS 12, Royals 5 (4-3)
Being .500 against the Central probably won't cut it for the Royals, but, as I am legally bound to say "its early". I guess the reason why the ROyals lost was simple, Swingin' Ken Harvey wasn't in the lineup. The Royals somehow milked only 5 runs out of 4 homeruns, which seems like more bad luck than anything else.

That race between May and Anderson for staff ace sure looks interesting now doesn't it?? 7 runs allowed in 5 innings, 4 walks and 1 strikeout. Hell, at this pace (just under 2K per 9IP) he might lead the team. The Sox are, and have been a neurotic team, so this could change tomorrow, but it looks like they are hitting the ball hard so far. Granted, Leetle Ozzie-Ball will get the credit, which has already started happening, as runners who score on home-runs are somehow credited for "making things happen" by having stolen second a batter before.

Anyway, DJ got a bad outing out of his system, and Cerda got some work... looking better on TV than his final line suggests (which I guess is some kind of stathead apostasy). I know its petty, but I wouldn't have minded seeing Beltran sit out the final couple of innings... but Pena may be saving that rest for one of his "I don't care if we lose" Sunday Specials in which he plays like 4 bench players at once.


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