Royals Nightly
Monday, April 12, 2004
Game 6- Royals 5 Indians 3 (4-2)

In today's Star I see:

"It's simple: When Harvey starts, the Royals win

By HOWARD RICHMAN, The Kansas City Star

Maybe Ken Harvey should start more often

Has it come to this already?

Wait, it gets worse:

"Affeldt, Peña not K conscious

By BOB DUTTON, The Kansas City Star

Jeremy Affeldt had plenty to think about Thursday night as he drove home — slowly — after a disappointing 5 2/3 innings in a 6-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians.
His lack of strikeouts never entered his head.
"One of the main things they told me in spring," Affeldt said, "was they didn't want me to go out there and try to strike out guys. If you do that, your pitch count goes up. That's why I throw my changeup a lot more. I'm trying to get early outs

Brilliant... we'll rise to prominence with a completely unprecendeted route to success... an overweight singles hitter batting in the 1b/DH hole and a staff ace who doesn't strike anyone out!!!

Dutton's article is especially disturbing in that no one involved, Affeldt, Pena or (gasp...) even Dutton seems to note that there might be a small connection between no strikeouts and giving up 6 runs. Completely and utterly amazing, in a bad way. I guess there are some good signs there, the use of the phrase "pitch count" is mildly encouraging, but thats a small pill of goodness in a pot of negativity.


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