Royals Nightly
Sunday, April 11, 2004
Game 5- Royals 7, Indians 6 (3-2)
For some reason I couldn't post yesterday... Great win yesterday as the Royals bullpen continues to carry the team, giving up only 1 run in the games final 6 innings. My boy Stairs keyed the 10th inning rally, as the classic single-pinch runner-steal-single sequence doomed the Tribe.

David Riske has been horrible this year, and his late inning meltdowns have Cleveland in the early lead for "snake-bitten team of the year". Its a good thing they got rid of their best hitter, because his bat probably wouldn't have mattered in all these one run games. At least Eric Wedge can focus on how good the clubhouse esprit de corps is, because nothing fires people up like losing the right way. But enough about Cleveland, their failure ultimately only matters in that it helps the Royals.


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