Royals Nightly
Thursday, April 29, 2004
Game 19- Royals 5, Rangers 3 (7-12)
A Royals starter picked up a win. "Mac the Ninth" returned to pickup a save. Swingin' Ken Harvey continued the month of his life with a homerun. The staff managed to only walk one Ranger. Mike Sweeney played a full game. Dogs and Cats agreed and signed many treaties. It was a beautiful day.

Jimmy Gobble has now stopped two losing streaks this season, and would have halted a third had not the April 23 debacle against the Twins not taken place.

Most amazing however was what happened in the 5th inning, when Harvey homered off of Kenny Rogers, rounded the bases, had the homer ruled foul and then homered again on the next pitch. INsane.

The more I attack "Hollywood Harvey" (as I heard ESPN refer to him as), the better he plays. I'll take it.


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