Royals Nightly
Monday, April 19, 2004
Game 12- Twins 8, Royals 3 (4-8)
I've really enjoyed Pena's willingness to bat Guiel in the leadoff spot, but I'm somewhat worried that Aaron isn't doing much to really grab the spot for very long. Not that it was really his fault more than anyone else's... Yesterday was awful, with the first 5 spots in the order producing no hits and one walk.

Yes, the pitching has quite bad, and as Mike Mehl posted a few days back, the Royals are on pace to surrender over 1000 runs. Yeesh. Amazingly the Royals struck out 10 Twins, but the result was still the same- 8 ish runs, tons of XtraBase Hits and a loss.

Beyond whining, think about this loss: Remember, in some weird sense May is the Royal's staff ace, and was unquestionably the most reliable starter on the team last year. May was matched up against a generic replacement level journeyman who's best season was 130 innings of mediocrity in 1998 for the Tigers. This being said, much has been made of the Twins' scrappiness and their ability to win with key injuries, which obscures the fact that those injuries have also allowed them to utilize their one true organizational asset, which is their depth. However, the Twins threw up a 9,8,8 run weekend against the Royals, and thats simply not acceptable if they are playing the '84 Tigers. Hell, Koskie was given most of the afternoon off!!!


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